3 comments on “Justa Abonitalla-Jorge Salcedo Clan

  1. I know some of our relatives, by the name of Mila Quaioit, Tangcongco, I am Nestor Orcullo Abonitalla, son of Miguel (Gil) Abonitalla,originally from Lagonglong, Father Teodorico and Mother Dagala, some of them might know me, I retired as Engineer from the DOH-Region 10, My regrds to you and your family

    • Sir, I might be able to meet them.. On December 27, 2013 a reunion of the Justa Abonitalla-Jorge Salcedo will be held at the Mallberry Suites, LimKetKai, Cagayan de Oro City. I’ll keep followers posted. Best Regards and God Bless – – Neopito (Abonitalla)

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